Voorhees Kicks off Women’s History Month

Denmark, S.C.- Voorhees College celebrates Women’s History Month with a message about “if you want it, is yours,” by Reverend Dr. Natalie P. Alford, minister, businesswoman, and educator during the recemt All- College assembly.

Alford opened her speech, referencing a passage in the Bible from the Book of Numbers, chapter 27 verses 1-5, which is the story about the special inheritance laws concerning property given to sons. However, in this case, Zelophehad had all daughters when he passed.

She said women need to speak up and not hide behind silence to get what they want. “If you want it, it is yours.Zelophehad’s daughters should gain their father’s property rightfully so regardless of their gender. They challengedMoses when most women would not,” Alford said.

Alford continued telling the female students, “do not letanyone tell our educated selves we do not have a voice,” Alford said. She said society there are still some rules that apply to women today like do not speak, do not talk, do not show up to the meeting. “If I am not invited to the table, then I bring my own seat,” Alford said.

She went back to the story of Moses, not knowing what to do when Zelophehad’s daughters approached him because this was the first time there was not a son for which to give the property. “How do you deal with a problem you have never experienced before?”

Alford said you must go to God because “if you want it, it is yours,” Alford said. She encouraged the women to open their mouths against the injustices of the world and remember God will be with them.

She concluded with reiterating that when Women’s History Month became a reality, it was not just something on the calendar. “We are not women only for a month just like we are not black for a month, we must recognize those who came before us who were not quiet, still, or did not move so that we can continue the fight and provide opportunities for those who have yet to come,” Alford said.

Rev. Dr. Natalie P. Alford
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