By: Kurtis Alston

J.R. Smith appears to be looking for a return to the NBA after being released from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2020 during the offseason. During that same offseason, Smith decided to retire perhaps due to a lack of teams interested in him after coming off his worst shooting percentage in his career. Despite his lack of high shooting percentage, the Los Angeles Lakers signed J.R. and he won his second NBA Championship alongside Anthony Davis and Lebron James.

On Christmas day, J.R. Smith announced on Twitter, So since we just giving out 10 days to see who wants to play. I’m still willing and want to play basketball. My phone number hasn’t changed.”  His post occurred after Isiah Thomas was given a 10-day contract with the Lakers. Also, the Memphis Grizzles signed Xavier Sneed, the Boston Celtics signed Joe Johnson and the Atlanta Hawks signed Lance Stephenson to 10-day contracts. 

J.R. Smith is currently enrolled at North Carolina Agricultural and State University. Maybe he can make a return to the basketball court. If he does, how will that change his plans for golf and school? Could he manage all three or will he have to put golf and school on pause  while he chases his first love?