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Daily Archives: April 2, 2021

Education Department Announces Relief for Student Loan Borrowers with Total and Permanent Disabilities During the COVID-19 Emergency

The Department of Education (Department) today announced relief for certain borrowers who have received student loan discharges due to total and permanent disability. These changes will ensure no borrowers are at risk of having their loans reinstated, meaning they would have to repay their debt—for failure to provide earnings information during the COVID-19 emergency. This action will help more than 230,000 borrowers. More

NFL Free Agency: New Faces in New Places

By: Kurtis Alston Some fans will have to buy new jerseys with the recent addition of players to their favorite teams. Even though these two weren’t free agents, Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford kicked off an intriguing off-season after being traded for each other in