Fund II Foundation & Bennett College discuss Maternal Health Equity Project

In January 2024, Fund II Foundation’s Black Maternal Health (BMH) Equity Project launched the NurtuHER Series to support Black families before, during and after birth. This series shares inspiring stories and resources while highlighting the people birthing change in their community.

In Episode 1, watch as Fund II Foundation and Bennett College discuss how Fund II Foundation’s Black Maternal Health Equity project is building a “village” ecosystem and teaming with Bennett College to write the playbook on creating nurturing spaces for student moms on campus – which will include a Montessori-inspired Playroom and Lactation Room!

“Bennett College is part of the national conversation around Black Maternal Health. We are committed to academic access and equity for student moms of color who are parenting while pursuing a college education. We are intentional about creating environments that support student success, including our amazing parenting moms,” says President Suzanne Elise Walsh, JD.“

When discussing Black Maternal Health at an all-women HBCU and determining the best strategies to support student mothers, who should be included in the conversation? Naturally, a student mother pursuing her education needs to be at the table. We recently invited one of our student moms, Caira Evans, to join the conversation. WATCH the video HERE. We know when you help Black mothers succeed you help Black families, you help the Black community and the world by producing global leaders whose contributions to society impact lives worldwide.

Black women are doing the critical work of eliminating maternal health disparities and creating a world where maternal justice, equality and academic equity exists for women of color.

With a 90% retention rate for students from freshwoman to sophomore year, Bennett College is ranked the #1 national liberal arts college for social mobility for 2022 and a 2022-2023 Best College for Social Mobility by global education ranking authority U.S. News & World Report and is one of the Top 25 Women’s Colleges in the country for 2023 according to College Consensus ( Bennett College is intentional about the success of our students, individually curating experiences that help women succeed on campus, in their professions, and in life.