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Blue Tiger Advantage Scholarship Provides Automatic Dollars for Qualified Students

Jefferson City, MO- Lincoln University’s new Blue Tiger Advantage Scholarship will provide up to $3,250 to eligible freshmen per semester.  The scholarships are awarded automatically based upon a sliding scale of students’ combined ACT/SAT score and GPA. The top scholarship is $3,250 for students with a 4.0 to 3.75 GPA and 24 and above on their ACT (1160 and above on the SAT), and the lowest is $500 for students with a 2.7 GPA and above and a 17 to 19 on the ACT (900 to 1010 on their SAT). The Blue Tiger Advantage Scholarship is non-competitive and is renewable for up to eight semesters.  The first scholarships will be awarded beginning in Fall 2022. 

“The goal of our scholarship committee was to disperse our current scholarship dollars to a greater number of our students, and this sliding scale concept makes that possible without the need for new funding,” says Dr. John B. Moseley, Interim President of Lincoln University. “In the past, students with equal academic performances could have been awarded different amounts, if at all. The Blue Tiger Advantage Scholarship allows prospective students to know what they will receive based on their academic performance in high school and will help to make college more affordable for our top scholars.”

The University offers other scholarship opportunities including the LU Connecting Scholarship for residents of Missouri’s eight bordering states, scholarships through the Office of University Advancement and through the 62nd and 65th Regiments Legacy Foundation.  For more information on scholarships and the admissions process, visit or email