Corporate Tech Giant – Intel Partners with Non-Profit HBCU Heroes for #Tech4Covid Stream-A-Thon Sunday Series

“Providing 100 NUCs to Underserved Minority Students in Support of Distance Learning During Covid-19”

Atlanta, GA – Multi-national corporation & technology company Intel wants to make sure no student is left behind during the Covid-19 pandemic. They’ve partnered with HBCU Heroes, a nonprofit founded by NBA veteran George Lynch & entrepreneur Tracey Pennywell, to provide sponsorship dollars along with 100 NUC computer devices to ensure that HBCUs and underserved minority K-12 schools receive their support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s mind-blowing, 1 in 3 at-risk minority students across America don’t have access to technology,” says Lynch. “I had 9 student-athletes on my Clark Atlanta University (CAU) men’s basketball team who had 3.0 GPAs or higher when the pandemic hit. Six of them were sent home without laptops, scrambling to find ways to finish their enforced distance-learning,” he continued. Lynch made sure that HBCU Heroes provided laptops to the CAU men’s basketball team, even though he is no longer coaching at the HBCU. This is also the reason he helped create #Tech4COVID, a weekly stream-a-thon fundraiser live-streamed on Twitch to raise visibility, awareness, and funding for this cause.

Intel, who has partnered in various capacities with HBCUs for years, saw the vast need and was committed to supporting this initiative. Their partnership with HBCU Heroes includes sponsorship of #Tech4COVID, a partnership to serve both HBCUs and K-12 schools via the event’s nonprofit partner, Cxmmunity.

“Intel is a partner who deeply understands the need. That’s why they’re also supporting this vital cause by providing ongoing NUC computers for distribution via this long-term, multi-layered partnership,” says Kwame Jackson, brand strategist and media personality who solidified the joint venture.  

The first batch of NUC recipients will be announced this Sunday, May 17th on the #Tech4COVID live stream starting at 3 PM EST. HBCU recipients include North Carolina A & T State University, Paul Quinn College, Wilberforce University, Florida Memorial University, and CAU.

Intel is also providing memorable and impactful moments for minority students. Throughout the #Tech4Covid series, HBCUs and student recipients will participate in live giveaways during virtual commencement and awards ceremonies for those affected by Covid-19. NUC giveaways will help students continue their educational journeys and successfully aid in completing e-learning requirements.

“It’s no secret that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting black & brown communities. However, few people are talking about it. That’s why we are. We can’t allow the existing educational divide to skyrocket because of the growing technology gap simply over a lack of computers and WIFI. Students want to learn but can’t if they don’t have the technology. Laptops are a way to bridge the gap,” says Tracey Pennywell, HBCU Heroes co-founder and co-producer of #Tech4COVID.

The #Tech4Covid Stream-A-Thon Sunday Series kicked off on May 2nd. The weekly virtual fundraiser features a host of influential celebrities & athletes (Michael Strahan, Jeezy, Offset, DL Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, Bill Bellamy, Malik Yoba, Takeo Spikes, Rob Covington, Chris Broussard, Sheryl Swoopes, Desi Banks, Kevin Ware Jr., Bam Adebayo, Etan Thomas, Charles Oakley, Rashan Ali, Areva Martin, Kwame Jackson, and more).

#Tech4Covid’s mission is to provide students with the necessary tools to succeed while also providing them with the motivation to continue to put their best foot forward. Students will be involved in a virtual commencement ceremony comprised of mini-graduation commencement speeches given by #Tech4Covid celebrity and athletic, partners & supporters. #Tech4Covid has a designated celebrity/athlete do a 5-min or less commencement speech on Zoom live to the select group of students.  

HBCU student-athlete & HBCU Heroes computer beneficiary, Shannon Smith stated, “I don’t know where I’d be right now or what my schoolwork would look like, but having this computer is a great tool,” thanking the HBCU Heroes and #Tech4Covid initiative. 

The HBCU Heroes & Intel partnership is an imperative one. According to, “there is an estimated 9-million students living in the digital divide.” Making it difficult to complete assignments online due to not having proper technology. While article 26 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states, “Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.”

The HBCU Heroes and Intel partnership is positively impacting minority students across America. Both partners plan to continue the initiative helping as many underserved students as possible, while also creating a fun yet interactive virtual experience for its recipients, supporters, and partners. 


“The Importance of Technology in The Black Community”