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Free Up Your Time to Stay Healthy with my Social Security

We observed Men’s Health Week from June 10 to 16. It’s important to make
time for things that help us stay healthy and happy— spending time with
people we care about, exercise, and recreation. Opening a my Social
Security account online can help save time. Our online services make doing
business with us fast and easy, freeing up your client’s schedule.
With a my Social Security account, you and your clients can:

  *   Get a letter with proof of benefits, if currently receiving them.
  *   Get an estimate of future benefits, if still working.
  *   Keep track of earnings and verify them every year.
  *   Manage benefits.
  *   Request a replacement Social Security card, if meeting certain
Remember, your clients can easily share all of our online resources on
social media. Tell friends and family to check out the features we offer