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‘June Surprise?’ Chauvin attempts to make sentencing hearing a cliffhanger

Derek Chauvin speaks to Floyd family before being sentenced.

By Angela Jones

Judge Peter Cahill sentenced former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin today for the murder of George Floyd. “You have our sympathies,” Cahill said to the Floyd family before sentencing Chauvin to 22 and a half years (270 months), citing “abuse of position of trust and authority.” 

Prior to his sentencing, Chauvin eluded that there would be more information forthcoming that would give the Floyd family “peace of mind.” Chauvin’s statement did not include anything that appeared to show remorse for his actions.

While some people do not believe the less than maximum sentence was enough time for the heinous crime that took place in front of children, others believe it was sufficient. “Sentencing a 48 year-old man to 22 and a half years, is practically a life sentence,” legal scholar Alexander Dawson said. The prosecution had asked for a sentence of 30 years.