Morgan State University President David K. Wilson Statement on U.S. Supreme Court’s Ruling Ending Affirmative Action in Higher Education Admissions

By: Morgan State University

Dear Morgan Community,

Today’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court declares that race can no longer be a factor in higher education admissions, which for many institutions will erode decades of progress in cultivating diversity on their campuses.

Affirmative action has long been a scale-balancing tool in addressing historical and systemic inequalities, allowing educational institutions to consider an applicant’s race or ethnicity as one of several factors in the admissions process. Its purpose has been to promote equal access to higher education for underrepresented BIPOC groups, including African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans, who have historically faced significant barriers to educational attainment.

By eliminating one’s ethnicity or racial background as a consideration in admissions decisions, the U.S. Supreme Court has, in many regards, turned its back on the inherent value of unique experiences and perspectives that students from diverse backgrounds bring to the academic environment, enriching the educational experience for all students.

Our national landscape of higher education institutions has served as an important space for fostering cross-cultural understanding, diffusing stereotypes and preparing students for the work of the future and the future of work in a diverse workforce mirroring the great tapestry of this nation—and the world. The ability to learn alongside individuals from different racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds is vital in nurturing the next generation of leaders and promoting a just and inclusive society.

Although today’s United States Supreme Court decision may be viewed as a setback for diversity for many higher education institutions nationwide, and an unfortunate barrier to higher education for scores of deserving students, Morgan State University will continue to serve a multiethnic and multiracial student body, ensuring that the doors of higher education are opened as wide as possible to as many as possible. This has been a longstanding mission of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and a tenet of this great National Treasure, since Morgan’s charter more than 156 years ago. Morgan does not use race as a factor when reviewing applications or in the consideration of admission to the University. In the wake of this decision, Morgan State University will continue in its mission, remaining a welcoming and embracing home for anyone desiring a high-quality education.

As a collective committed to embracing the richness of our diversity, we cannot allow today’s decision to undermine the values that underpin our nation’s continual evolution to be a more perfect union. And here at Morgan, we will continue to champion our core value of diversity, advocate for equity, expand access to education, and work toward building a future in which all students have an equal opportunity to succeed.


President Wilson

David K. Wilson,