Robots Are Taking Over North Carolina A&T State University!

By: Camia Galloway

Roaming the campus of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, the first historically black college/university to use food delivery bots, are Starships. The bots have swarmed the campus and warmed the hearts of many students and faculty all over. The little bots are the outcome of the collaboration between Sodexo and Starship Technologies. Touching down on campus in October of 2021, the combination of artificial intelligence, environmental-friendliness, and speedy service has led to the overall success of these robots. With computer-based technology, they roam the environment and are remotely monitored by people behind the scene. Whether it is raining, snowing, or shining morning or night, the bots are always up for the troop.
Delivering food from on-campus restaurants such as Qdoba, 1891 Revolution, Einstein Bagels, SubConnections, and Paavo’s Pizza to buildings and dorms all over the campus, are these robots exclaiming “Aggie Pride”. Food can be ordered through the Starship food delivery app which allows you to choose from your favorite foods and drinks, a location, and even a song to play as you retrieve your items. From the comfort of your own space, you can get updates on your order and watch the bot travel across the map. “I like the starships, they are very quick, convenient, and affordable. Instead of getting up and ready to walk across campus to wait in a long line to order food, you can order food from any location on campus, at any time, and it will come hot, heated, or cooled,” said sophomore, international business student, Skye Williams. For the next two years, the delivery fee for the bots will be waived and there are always offering deals and coupons available for use. 
Starships are just a small but perfect addition to the great to come in the future with technology at A&T. As we take pride in the saying “Aggies Do!” Starships embody the same energy and power on campus. 

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